We are looking for a database developer to improve IVES Conference Series! 

Scientific conferences are very important for scientific research. During these events, many scientific results are presented as of oral presentations or posters. Unfortunately, this cutting-edge scientific content is often not promoted after the conference. This is why we have launched IVES Conference Series in 2021: to collate proceedings from international conferences in viticulture and enology […]

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[Podcast] Grapevine latent bud dormancy and shoot development

IVES is collaborating with Diego Weber and the podcast “The Art of selling wine”. Episodes are produced to promote articles published in our journals, OENO One, IVES Technical Reviews and our web platform IVES Conference Series. Alain Deloire from Montpellier Supagro Listen to the second episode: In this episode Diego talks to prof. Alain Deloire […]

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Terclim 2022: Abstracts are available on IVES Conference Series

The abstracts of the oral presentations and posters are available with Open Access. Discover the cutting-edge scientific results of the Terclim 2022 conference on IVES Conference series “Terroir and climate are very important topics for the vine and wine sectors as terroir and climate are major drivers of wine quality. In addition, climate can be an important component of terroir. Terroir […]

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