Malolactic fermentation in wine production

What influence do these bacteria have on wines? What new bacteria are being studied to carry out this fermentation? Find below articles about malolactic fermentation published in our 3 media (OENO One, IVES Technical Reviews and IVES Conference Series). OENO One Influence of succinic acid on Oenococcus oeni and malolactic fermentation In this work, we study the […]

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OENO One Special issue – Terclim

Read freely the 14 articles published in our open access peer reviewed research journal OENO One for the Terclim 2022 (Bordeaux, France). Local influence of climate on grapevine: an analytical process involving a functional and Bayesian exploration of farm data time series synchronised with an eGDD thermal index. Cécile Laurent, Gilles Le Moguédec, James Taylor, Thibaut Scholasch, Bruno Tisseyre, […]

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