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Publication date: Nov 21, 2022

22nd GiESCO meeting 2023 – Important dates and program

We are very happy to act as a partner in the 22nd GiESCO meeting. For this edition, we will publish the proceedings on IVES Conference Series portal and a selection of articles will be published in a special issue of OENO One.

The Organizing Committee of the 22nd GiESCO International Meeting that will take place at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY from July 17-21 2023 is pleased to announce that the Call For Abstracts is open. The theme of the Congress is diverse germplasm and precision technologies for varied and changing climates. 

Authors are invited to submit one or several papers on the following topics:

  •     New disease tolerant varieties
  •     Vine response to abiotic and biotic stress
  •     Adaptation to climate change
  •     Vine soil management innovations
  •     Digital, precision, & mechanical viticulture
  •     Sustainable and metaethical viticulture
  •     Emerging topics (intended for the Professional day)

The scientific committee of the 22nd GiESCO Meeting welcomes 5 types of communications:

  • Special Scientific Oral (SSO): SSO corresponds to original research that authors would like both to present as a full oral presentation and to publish in a peer-reviewed journal. For the 22nd GiESCO meeting, OENO One will edit a special issue based on a selection of 22nd GiESCO SSO.
  • Professional Day Oral (PDO): PDO corresponds to professionally-oriented communications, I.e. dealing with extension or reviewing technological topics. A Professional day will be organized during the meeting for PDO sessions; the Northeastern U.S. winegrape industry will be invited to attend.
  • Flash Oral (FO): FO corresponds to short presentations highlighting very new scientific topics and/or original provisional results.
  • Poster communication (PC): PC corresponds to research confirming or complementing previous reports (e.g. extending previous findings to different varieties or regions).

All proceedings will be published with Open Access on IVES Conference Series.

Important dates:

  • The deadline for abstract submission is December 15, 2022.
  • The deadline for article submission to OENO One is February 7, 2023.
  • Registration for the congress will open in November.

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