📣 🍇🍷 The Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences of the University of Turin is seeking candidates for a 5 year assistant professor position in Viticulture.

➡️ This position is part of a well-established viticulture and enology program and it will be located in the facility of Alba/Cuneo.

The successful candidate will be expected to develop a research program recognized in international peer-reviewed journals indexed in Web of Science/Scopus, and there is a high expectation for participation in national and international conferences. The successful candidate will develop a research program able to attract competitive external and intramural grant funding while developing national and international research collaborations. The candidate will initiate an innovative and independent program in potential areas of research pertinent to this position including, but not limited to: vine ecophysiology, vineyard and canopy management, vine-terroir interaction, relationship between viticulture and climate change and innovative precision viticulture strategies. In particular, the candidate will focus her/his program on the impact of vineyard management strategies and climate change on vine primary and secondary metabolism with particular emphasis on vine performance and fruit chemical composition.

❓Questions on submitting applications can be directed to Prof. Vittorino Novello ✉️