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The IVAS 2022 conference was hosted for the first time in Germany, at the DLR Rheinpfalz and Weincampus Neustadt, in the heart of the German wine country, from 3 to 7 July.

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IVAS 2022Session 0: Conference opening

Significance of factors making Riesling an iconic grape variety

Riesling is the iconic grape variety of Germany and accounts for 23% of the German viticulture acreage, which comprises 45% of the worldwide Riesling plantings. Riesling wines offer a wide array of styles from crisp sparkling wines to highly concentrated and sweet Trockenbeerenauslese or Icewines. However, its thin berry skin makes Riesling more vulnerable to detrimental environmental threats than other white wine varieties.  

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IVAS 2022IVAS Session 6 – PostersIVES Conference Series

Effect of mannoproteins extracted from Torulaspora delbrueckii on wine flavanol composition and on flavanol-salivary protein interactions

Global climate change is exerting an influence on vine phenology, leading to a decoupling of technological and phenolic maturity of grapes. This results in the modification of berry chemical composition, which can translate into wines with excessive astringency. The addition of mannoproteins (MP) to wine has been proposed as a way of mitigating this problem, since some studies have shown that MPs can modulate wine astringency. However, the mechanism underlying the astringency modulation effect of MPs is not well known and it seems to be dependent on the compositional and structural characteristics of the MP.

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