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Adaptation of Lactobacilli towards low ph and SO2 to develop MLF in base musts for sparkling wines

In some white wines, malolactic fermentation (MLF) is very interesting, and for low pH wines this process is particularly difficult. Although MLF is generally not recommended for sparkling white wine, some winemakers prefer to promote MLF to contribute to organoleptic complexity. Oenococcus oeni is generally the bacterium of choice for MLF.

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A new AI-based system for early and accurate vineyard yield forecasting

Vineyard yield forecasting is a key issue for vintage scheduling and optimization of winemaking operations. High errors in yield forecasting can be found in the wine industry, mainly due to the high spatial variability in vineyards, strong dependency on historical yield data, insufficient use of agroclimatic data and inadequate sampling methods

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How artificial intelligence (AI) is helping winegrowers to deal with adversity from climate change

Artificial intelligence (AI) for winegrowers refers to robotics, smart sensor technology, and machine learning applied to solve climate change problems. Our research group has developed novel technology based on AI in the vineyard to monitor vineyard growth using computer vision analysis (VitiCanopy App) and grape maturity based on berry cell death to predict flavor and aroma profiles of berries and final wines.

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Multidisciplinary assessment of selective harvesting in the Colli Piacentini wine district

Within-field variability can be managed through Precision Viticulture (PV) protocols aiming at identifying homogeneous zones and addressing site-specific operations including selective harvesting (SH). Several authors demonstrated SH profitability in extensive viticulture while few information is available within the Italian context.

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