Monthly Archives: October 2021

Macrowine 2021: available on IVES Conference Series

We were a partner of the 2021 Macrowine international congress. This event was held virtually last June. On IVES Conference Series portal, more than 280 abstracts written by wine scientists are available. They are available in Open Access and are divided into 6 sessions (see below). Macrowine 2021 – six sessions: Grapevine diversity and viticultural […]

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Articles published in IVES Technical Reviews in September 2021

3 articles were published in IVES Technical Reviews – vine and wine in September 2021, click to read more: A review of the techniques for mitigating the effects of smoke taint in wine production Ysadora A. Mirabelli-Montan, Matteo Marangon, Antonio Graça, Christine M. Mayr Marangon, Kerry L. Wilkinson The unique and extreme vineyards of Santorini Island (Cyclades) Efstratios Guillaume Xyrafis, Alain […]

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Articles published in OENO One in September 2021

11 articles were published in OENO One – vine and wine open access journal – in September 2021, click to read more: Global warming and wine quality: are we close to the tipping point? Gregory A. Gambetta, Sahap Kaan Kurtural  Influence of wine components on pellicle formation by pellicle-forming yeasts Fumie Watanabe-Saito, Youji Nakagawa, Munekazu Kishimoto, Masashi Hisamoto, […]

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