Monthly Archives: October 2020

Effects of rootstock and environment on the behaviour of autochthone grapevine varieties in the Douro region

In an experiment located at Quinta da Cavadinha, Sabrosa, Douro Region the behaviour of the varieties Touriga Nacional (TN), Tinta Barroca (TB), Touriga Franca (TF) and Tinta Roriz (TR), grafted onto the rootstocks Rupestris du Lot, R110, R99, 1103P and 196-17, was accessed over 11 years between 2001 and 2011. The main results point to […]

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Terroir effects on the response of Tempranillo grapevines to irrigation in four locations of Spain: agronomic performance and water relations

We report the effects of different drip irrigation treatments on the agronomic performance and water relations of Tempranillo grapevines, pruned to a bilateral cordon, trained to VSP and under similar cultural practices, in four different locations of Spain, during the 2009-2011 seasons. In three locations (Requena, Badajoz and Valladolid) a pre-veraison deficit irrigation strategy (DIP, […]

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