Articles published in OENO One in February

Two articles were published in OENO One – vine and wine open access journal – in February 2019, click to read more: Yammine, S., Rabagliato, R., Vitrac, X., Mietton Peuchot, M., & Ghidossi, R. (2019) The use of nanofiltration membranes for the fractionation of polyphenols from grape pomace extracts Garde-Cerdan, T., Gutiérrez-Gamboa, G., Pérez-Álvarez, E. P., & […]

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Articles published in OENO One in December

Eight articles were published in OENO One – vine and wine open access journal – in December 2018, click to read more: Mirás-Avalos, J. M., Intrigliolo, D., & Lakso, A. (2018). Effects of post-bloom low light and girdling on fruit set of Vitis vinifera (L.) cv. ‘Riesling’ and Vitis labruscana (L.) cv. ‘Concord’. Guillermo, C., […]

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Is the typicality of “Provence Rosé wines” only a matter of color?

Authors: Coulon-Leroy, C., Pouzalgues, N., Cayla, L., Symoneaux, R., & Masson, G. (2018). Published in OENO One, this research article evaluates what makes a typical Provence Rosé wine in terms of colour, odours and aromas. Abstract Aims: Given the diversity of French dry Rosé wines, Provence Rosé producers (France) wish to evaluate the typicality of […]

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